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    Worlddidac Bern from 4 to 6 November 2020

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Welcome to Bern’s educational hub

The international Worlddidac Bern, a global industry meeting placed under the patronage of the Worlddidac Association, take place from 4 to 6 November 2020, bringing together international exhibitors and decision makers. Trade visitors from 77 nations did meet over 200 exhibitors from Switzerland and abroad at Worlddidac Bern. As part of the show the 19th Worlddidac Award Ceremony honoured the most innovative products and solutions in the education sector.

One event, two platforms: Worlddidac & Swissdidac Bern together form a strong network based around education and is a platform for exchanging ideas and experience, as well as networking for governmental authorities, educational experts, dealers, distributors, school deans, teachers and those with an interest in education from Switzerland and abroad. Whilst Swissdidac Bern is synonymous with Swiss quality, Worlddidac Bern, which concentrates on the international education market, brings globally recognised brand and outstanding education solutions from all over the world. Thanks to the new names of the fairs, the promise of Swiss quality and highest standards in education will blend with one another.

Worlddidac & Swissdidac Bern is the industry platform for current and prospective education topics and the procurement of materials across all educational segments. It is where exhibitors from all over the world showcase their most exciting innovations to education managers and procurement officers at all levels and in all departments, inspiring national and international audience from Switzerland and abroad.




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