This Future Talk session is dedicated to knowledge sharing on greening education including topics such as ecologising curriculum, greening of courses and challenge individuals to think holistically and critically about global environmental concerns, opportunities and solutions.


Growing concerns about climate change, environmental degradation and scarcity of resources are changing the nature of work and life. Technological progress aligned with sustainability issues requires the need to explore and develop “Green Skills” that not only focus on sustainable production and frugal living, but also help to overcome environmental challenge in a systematic way. Especially TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training) and related transformations of TVET and Lifelong Learning can play a fundamental and crucial role in this context. This session will take participants through the need for greening education and discuss successful TVET approaches that can be taken to translate “education for green growth and sustainability” into action.



Where? Worlddidac International exhibition, Bern, Switzerland

When? 5 November 2020

Who do we encourage to attend? Education industry, heads of educational institutions, teaching organisations, teachers, public bodies and agencies with a dedicated education interest, dealers, distributors, consultants; individuals desiring to get inspired beyond educational supplies.

What? The conference is optimised to allow enough time for visiting the exhibition and to have discussions with renowned education solution providers. The conference is organised under the patronage of leading UN- and educational organisations.



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